Mount Superior
Monte Cristo Panorama

Mount Superior - 11,050'
Monte Cristo - 11,132'

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It is an interactive 360° panorama taken from the top of Monte Cristo Peak. You can turn the peak labels on and off, and has controls that turn you around with a compass to orient yourself.
Press STOP to manually rotate using the large blue triangles.


Sunday, August 6, 2001


Look at the geology of Mount Superior -
white granite separated cleanly form the dark red tillite.
If you look south across Little Cottonwood Canyon you will see the same sediments at about the same altitude creating American Fork Twin Peaks.
The view of Sundial Peak is confusing, the peak you see here is the 3rd point back
from the trianglular peak that is considered the Sundial
(from the perspective of a person standing at Lake Blanche)

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