Mount Watson Map

Uinta Mountains

Mount Watson: 11,521'
1,700 feet elevation change
6 miles round trip.

Having a map is pretty handy, I wish that I had this map when I went to Mount Watson. But it was still fun touring the Trial Lake Valley.

To Print this map, select the elements that you want to be visible on your map and then click "PRINT MAP". The Lake names might be useful, so you might want to turn them on. It will only print the map, not the rest of the page.

The "Our Path" button shows the path we took, there is no trail, so don't expect to find one.

120k - It might take a little while to load on a 56k modem.

Sunday, August 3, 2003

For pictures of a hike to the summit of Mount Watson:
Mount Watson Uintas

Thanks to Gloria, Jared and Pug


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