Moutain Goats

Pictures of Mountain Goats in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

Box Elder Peak

Just below the summit, I started around the east side of Box Elder Peak
and saw this large family of Mountain Goats.

I looked down and there was this guy just sitting there,
chewin' grass, seconds later he turned his head and looked at me.
I didn't take a picture, because I didn't know what he would do.

I didn't move, but he took off running.

He noticed that I wasn't chasing him,
so he stopped to take a better look at me.
He could have kicked my butt off the mountain.

Devil's Castle

We walked right up on this guy, he didn't seem to mind.

He probably thinks I'm some sort of predator,
But he knows he has the advantage on these steep cliffs.

When they feel like you've worn out your welcome,
they start snorting and licking their lips.
The next step would be standing up and digging with his hooves,
and bowing his head, this means that you could be gored.
Can you see his tounge that he is sticking out at me?
This means it's time to go.

Mount Superior

There were mountain goats everywhere

Another family of mountain goats

And another

Monte Cristo

Goatsy McHornsworth

This mountain goat was just trying to take a nap below Superior Peak


Mountain goat

A herd of mountain goats leaping up the Pfeifferhorn.

On the Pfeifferhorn.

Twin Peaks

The dominant male of the herd

We got almost too close to this guy.

An adult mountain goat with a kid

Three Mountain Goats near the saddle to Twin Peaks,
can you see the little one?


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