Mule Hollow

Broads Fork Twin Peaks
Big Cottonwood Canyon
Wasatch Mountains

If you continue up the canyon past the Storm Mountain picnic area, you'll find Mule Hollow, which goes north from a parking area next to a chain link fence. The area is a geological wonderland of quartzite and shale.
Along the trail you'll find rusted debris from the defunct mining era.
(It would be nice if the state cleaned this up)
After about a mile from there we thrashed our way east up a shale talus.
At the top were some amazing views of Twin Peaks all the way to Kessler Peak.

May 13, 2001

Mule Hollow Rock Climbing Wall,
home to many multi-pitch routes, many are bolted.

Looking south to Dromedary Peak - 11,107, Sunrise Peak - 11,275,
and Twin Peaks -11,330.
The canyons are: Broads Fork and Stairs Gulch.

The Hound's Tooth

My dog was too tired to hike down so I made a pug-poose
That's Kessler Peak (10,402') behind me and in the far distance,
Brighton Ski Resort.

Kessler Peak, with Mineral Fork below.
Sundial Cirque with Mill D South Fork below it.

Dromedary and Sunrise with Broad's Fork below and
Twin Peaks with the Stairs Gulch below it.
Storm Mountain is the Ridge on the right of the Gulch.
The rocks at the base of the Stairs, is the Standard Ridge Area,
a popular place to go rock climbing.

Twin Peaks with The Stairs Gulch, about two weeks ago
two Doctors were killed in an avalanche in this gulch.

The Stairs Gulch from below, the snow-covered point is
the ridge leading to the east peak of Twin Peaks.

The Stairs Gulch and Storm Mountain.

The head of Mill D South Fork, Sundial Cirque and Lake Blanche.
Monte Cristo - the tallest in the Cirque at 11,132'.

Looking north to Wild Cat Ridge above Whipple Fork.


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