Neffs Canyon North's Fork
Mount Olympus

We hiked up Neffs Canyon and took a right up Neffs Canyon North's Fork. We decided to go up a huge steep snow chute. At the top I thought it might be safer to just go down the other side instead of the way we came up. I started edging across the snow, and then the snow gave out. I began sliding in a tripod stance (one hand two feet). Once I curved around the corner I saw that I was headed for a cliff edge, I was going very fast and couldn't stop. I spun around and tried to self arest at the last second, hit a small section of exposed rock and came to a stop with my feet half a foot away from the edge of a 30 foot drop into another talus, I don't know what would have happened if I didn't stop right there.
Mother nature was in control of this one, I was just lucky.
I slowly climbed back up and we all nervously hiked down the steep slippery chute. I think I'll take a break from hairy hikes like this one.

May 4, 2001

Mount Olympus from the beginning of the Neffs Canyon trail.

A view of the West Slabs on Olympus.

A view of a famous crack for Rock Climbers.

Nearing the chute.

Melanie's dogs going up the chute.

Looking back to Grandeur Peak.

Behind Grandeur Peak is Grandview Peak.

Salt Lake City and The Great Salt Lake.

Looking up from where we stopped.

The snow chute, Denyse and Melanie are about 1/4 the way down.

Another view of the chute.

Lichen covered quartzite near the base of the chute.

Can you find Denyse and Melanie?

Finally getting down (from the first section).

I hiked up to here while I waited.

The other way down, I would advise against it.

I didn't want to die just yet.

The cliff edge where I stopped sliding.

Looking north across Grandeur and the Wasatch.

The Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.

Special Thanks to Denyse, Jared and Melanie


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