Canyonlands National Park
Needles Overlook

About 35 miles south of Moab on Highway 191.
The Needles/Anticline road is about 22 miles long.

If you were to hike and climb from Canyonlands
up to the Needles Overlook,
It would be the most dramatic view you've ever seen.
But since you just step out of you car and there it is,
It may not be as appreciated.

September 23, 2000

Looking south west

Fractal erosion

Looking west across Canyonlands National Park

Looking south to the Sixshooter peaks and in the far distance,
The Abajo Mountains

The cause of most of the erosion, Indian Creek.

Looking north, the Colorado river is barely visible.
About 25 miles further down its path it will merge with the Green River
at Confluence Point.

Looking north.

Looking down over a thousand feet.

Looking west.

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