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Neffs Canyon Meadow

Mount Olympus
Wildcat Ridge
Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

Neffs Canyon Meadow: 8,000'
2.75 miles one way
Elevation gain: 2450'

Although we didn't see it,
Neffs Canyon is home to one of the deepest caves in America.
Neffs Canyon Cave: 1,165 feet deep, the deepest cave in Utah, #10 in the US.

The meadow was filled with bugs, none of them seemed to bite me but Rafael said they bit him. I inhaled or swallowed at least 6.

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June 14, 2002

Neffs Canyon Bridge

Katita, Gloria, and Leo crossing the bridge.
When you get here, you are about 75% of the way there.

Neffs Canyon Meadow

Gloria and Katita walking through Neffs Meadow.

Neffs Canyon

Looking west down Neffs Canyon toward Salt Lake City.

Wildcat Ridge

From the meadow looking south at Wildcat Ridge.

Wildcat Ridge

Wildcat Ridge, on the far right is Triangle Peak.

Triangle Peak

A Telephoto of Triangle Peak

Quartzite Slabs along Wildcat Ridge

Mount Olympus

Looking west toward Mount Olympus south and north peaks,
The Salt Lake Valley, The Oquirrh Mountains, and beyond to the Stansbury Mountains.

Mount Olympus south peak

Looking west toward Mount Olympus south peak.
This is the one normally climbed from the Olympus Trail.

Mount Olympus north peak

Mount Olympus north peak, this place is rarely visited.
(I've never met anyone who's been there)

Antelope Island

Looking west over Neffs Ridge to Antelope Island, and The Great Salt Lake.

Stansbury Island

The Kennecott Tailings Pond, The Great Salt Lake, and Stansbury Island.

Stansbury Mountains

The Oquirrh Mountains, with The Stansbury Mountains behind.


The Kennecott Smelter, where they refine ore from the Bingham Mine.

Sunset over Antelope Island

Neffs Canyon Ridge - The ridge between Mount Olympus and Grandeur
Neffs Canyon Meadow - Near the pass at the head of Neffs Canyon
Neffs Canyon North's Fork - "The Death Chute"
Mount Olympus North - Map - Satellite Map of the North side of Mount Olympus
Neffs Canyon - Wildcat Ridge - Ridge east of Mount Olympus at the end of Neffs
Wildcat Ridge Sunset Pictures - Amazing sunset pictures from the top of Wildcat Ridge

Thanks to Rafael, Leo, Gloria, and Katita


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