Neffs Knob

Neffs Knob is not the official name, but since we don't have a substitue, we'll use it here as it works within respectful naming conventions.

Neffs Knob is the rock structure that separates Neffs Canyon from the Norths Fork. The trail to Neffs Knob is quick and easy, it's only about 1 mile each way. It allows some of the best views of the entire area. This little peak is great if you like taking pictures of Mount Olympus's North Face, or if you'd like a good view without alot of hiking.

To locate the correct trail head, look to the south or right as you start up the trail to Neffs Meadow after the junction with Norths Fork. As you near the base of Neffs Knob, you will see some possible trails, the first looks like a good deer trail to bushwhack up the ridge, which it is, but there is a much better trail a little further up in the pine forest. Next you'll notice a clear straight path through the pine trees, the brush is a bit overgrown, but it looks easy, keep going, there is an even better trail just a few yards up.

The trail you should take has a large limestone rock, to the north or left, that is visible through the dense trees. To your right, the trail looks much larger and well worn than any of the previous trails, it steps up steeply at first. This trail appears to have been once well maintained, as it is graded with switchbacks at a mild angle. I wonder if this is some boyscout trail, or has some historical significance.

I was taking pictures to clarify maps etc. of the many classic routes of Mount Olympus' North Face. The clouds were overcast and I didn't get any pretty pictures, but these might help if you'd like to see the area from a different perspective. I'll go back someday when the sun's out, and get some real pictures.

Friday, October 12, 2007

From Neffs Knob, looking southwest up to the two main peaks of Mount Olympus.
The highest is the South Peak at 9,026'.

Looking west over some quartzite strata layered cliffs.

Looking south up the fork to the North Peak,
known as Neffs North's Fork
It goes south, so it only adds to the confusion.

Looking west over some thinly stacked pages of time, or quartzite.

If you go skipping around, trying to find hard routes to hike, or free-climb, here's one.
You might even break your neck if you're over-confident enough.

The North Peak (With the jagged rocks on top)
There are 3 sub-peaks to the left of it, and one to the right..

Looking north at Neffs Ridge, You have to bushwhack up this, but it's worth it.

looking south up Norths Fork.
Neffs Knob gives great views of this fork, too bad it was so overcast.
This would be an excellent place to get some morning shots around the Summer Solstice (June 21).
The North Face Trail is visible on the far right of the image.

A better view of the North Face Trail.
It climbs from the bottom middle of the image,
to the upper right of the image.
From there it switch-backs up to the top of the North Peak.

Check out the Printable Olympus North MAP in the links below.


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