Neffs Canyon - Norths Fork
Wasatch Mountains

North's Fork actually is the south fork from Neffs Canyon that climbs up the east side of Mount Olympus. It is the closest access to climb the North Peak of Olympus. It's also very difficult. I would suggest wearing gloves, long sleeve shirt, jeans, and even some shin guards and eye protection. You will take a good beating as you swim through the thick overgrown bushes and trees.

This is one of the more rugged areas in the Central Wasatch. Route finding is very difficult as there are tons of deer trails that lead into thick brush. I wish they would develop these trails as the area is very wild but well worth a visit.

There was plenty of snow from a light snowstorm earlier in the week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I got off trail and did some cross-country short-cutting, which wasn't worth it.
I call this the "Death Chute" because I almost died on the other side about 6 years ago.

I made some unwise decisions, like climbing up this dangerous slot.

Looking northeast over the head of Neffs Canyon.

Looking north over Neffs Ridge toward Grandeur Peak.

A possible chute up to the North Peak.

A view of the top of the chute in the previous picture.

Crazy autumn colors everywhere.

Looking south toward the wall directly east of Mount Olympus.

An obscured view of Triangle Peak, and a view of the firey autumn colors.

Looking south up Norths Fork. One of the harder bushwhack routes I've done.
Bring a machete and some laupers and clear a bit of the thick brush if you can.

A view of the Hogback on Grandeur Peak.

Colorful berries, but they are very bitter, and maybe poisonous.

A sub-peak that I used to navigate my way up and down.
Behind in the distance (right) is Dude Peak.

Looking northwest over the Salt Lake Valley
toward Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.

Looking far west into the distance at the paralax of peaks and ridges.
I think the high peak in the distance is Pilot Peak in Nevada, North of Wendover.


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