Neffs Ridge

Olympus Cove
Mount Olympus
Wildcat Ridge
Grandeur Peak
Millcreek Ridge

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

Neffs Ridge is the ridge between Grandeur Peak and Mount Olympus. It is probably the best place to get a picture of Mount Olympus' slab walls.

Go towards Millcreek Canyon, take a right on the last street before the canyon.
Follow this street up and look for a place to reach the ridge. You'll have to cross private property, I asked an elderly lady where would be the best place to start up the ridge and she said I could cut through her yard.
There are many animal trails and open areas for the first while. Then the bushwhacking begins, I would suggest bringing some long pants, a long sleeve shirt and some gloves.
On the way down, I hurt my ankle a bit and had to go straight down the ridge, which meant that I would have to cut through private property, which I did.

Opinion: If you don't like having people cut through your property,
don't block off public land.

June 13, 2002

From the beginning of the ridge looking south over Olympus Cove to Mount Olympus.

An old lime kiln in Millcreek canyon

Looking west down Neffs Ridge towards 2-15 and the mouth of Millcreek Canyon.

Mount Olympus and Olympus Cove Neighborhood.
This is a good view of Neffs Canyon, North's Fork (which goes south)

Mount Olympus, Neffs Canyon is visible below.

A zoomed up view of Mount Olympus

An even more zoomed up view of Mount Olympus peaks South and North.
The south peak (left) is the higher of the two at 9,026'.
This is the peak you reach from the Mount Olympus Trail.
Notice the drop-off from the peak.

A telephoto of "Death Ridge" (my name for it)
This is where I went on a slide and nearly fell off a cliff.
It is the section with snow on the far right in the middle.
The ridge starts on the bottom left.

The West Slabs 5.4 - 5.6
This is an amazing climb, and is also easy enough to do without ropes.
But I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except experienced rock climbers.

A telephoto of the more technical portion of the West Slabs

Wildcat Ridge at the head of Neffs Canyon

Grandeur Peak from the beginning of the ridge.
I call the limestone hogback formation "The Great Wall China"
It continues down the entire length of the ridge.

Millcreek Ridge.
Grandeur 8,300', Church Fork Peak 8.306', Mount Aire, Millvue, and Murdock Peak.

A telephoto of Grandeur Peak

Church Fork Peak

Millvue and Murdock Peak

An awesome Meadow below Wildcat Ridge.
This place is seldom visited.

A strange primitive plant

Coming down off the ridge.

Antelope Island sunset

Antelope Island - Frary Peak 6,597'

Stansbury Island

The Oquirrh Mountains in the foreground.
With the Stansbury Mountains in the background.
Deseret Peak 11,031'
is the one on the left, in the distance.

Olympus Cove


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