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Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

Neffs Ridge is the ridge between Grandeur Peak and Mount Olympus. It is probably the best place to get a picture of Mount Olympus' slab walls.

I would suggest bringing some long pants, a long sleeve shirt and some gloves.

At the beginning of the trail there is a parallel trail that passes large concrete water cubicles, there is a trail that turns north or left, follow this trail up the ridge, if it splits, always favor the trail trending up the spine ridge (Where possible).

October 10, 2007

A 180 degree pan of Neffs Canyon, with Mount Olympus on the right.

Mount Olympus, from this view the North Face Trail is easy to see,
It's the diagonal ridge right in the middle of the image.
It cuts all the way up to the West Ridge, from there, it switches back up to the peak.

The Peaks of Mount Olympus, there are 2 Major and 4 minor peaks.
The top of the North Fork Trail is visible in the middle with the snow.
At the top of the trail is the steep wall up to Mount Olympus's highest point.

Three of the peaks on the north massif.
The one with the pointy diamond shaped rock is The North Summit.
Below is Kamps Ridge and the Great Chimney.

A telephoto of The North Summit.

The South Summit, which is the highest point on Mount Olympus.

Neffs Canyon, at the top is Wildcat Ridge.

Mighty Ol' Mount Olympus.

At the end of Neffs Canyon, near the top of Neffs Meadow is the end of Wildcat Ridge.

Downtown Salt Lake City, not too big really.

The West Slabs, and easy rock climbing bigwall.

Tree trunk like ridges near Mount Olympus's base

Looking northeast toward the top of Neffs Ridge.

A limestone hogback along the entrance to Neff Canyon

Looking west out of Neffs Canyon as the sun sets behind the Oquirrh Mountains.

Wake up time, a little rattler shakes things up for a minute.

Big city. Big city nights. zzzzzzzz.

Looking west over the northern end of the Oquirrh.


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