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Neffs Ridge is the ridge between Grandeur Peak and Mount Olympus. It is probably the best place to get a picture of Mount Olympus' slab walls.

From the Neffs Canyon Parking Lot look up the ridge to the northeast. There are diagonal slabs near the top of the Ridge. This is the best vantage area to see the views on Neffs Ridge. There is no real trail, just deer paths through bramble, up a steep grade. The hike is very difficult, but the views are incredible, just after hiking a small portion of the way up the ridge.

We hiked up Neffs Canyon past the junction to North's Fork, past the gray rock spires, continued until we were underneath the light orange cliffbands, and then just cut straight up the ridge through the trees and bramble, until we found a nice system of deer paths that led us underneath the cliffbands, and then up to the base to the top of Neffs Ridge. We just found openings in the brush and slowly cut up to the high point on the ridge. From the top, the views make the whole battle worth it.

We went down the ridge straight toward Neffs Canyon Parking Lot. It would probably be a bit easier from along this ridge, but it's about twice as long. If you stay high along the ridge, you will find the most options and routes.

I would suggest bringing some long pants, a long sleeve shirt and some gloves.

October 25, 2007

Looking west down Neffs Canyon over the inversion covered valley toward the Oquirrh Mountains.

Looking west toward the minor peak along the sub ridge to the south of Neffs Ridge.
Views from this peak can be found on the Neffs Ridge 2 page.

The diagonal limestone slabs found near the top of Neffs Ridge.

The eastern end of Wildcat Ridge

Looking southeast down Neffs Canyon.
Thomas Fork is straight in front, and in the shade.
Wildcat Ridge sits along the skyline.

Near the top of Thomas Fork. Triangle Peak is on the right.

From near the top looking northeast toward the Great Salt Lake.

Looking down Neffs Ridge toward the Neffs Canyon Parking Lot.

Looking southwest toward the face of Mount Olympus.
The snow filled gullies mark the last two chutes leading up the North Face Trail.

Wildcat Ridge, below is Thomas Fork.

Triangle Peak, the gateway to Wildcat Ridge,
one of the hardest classic routes in the Wasatch.

Neffs Knob near the fork to North's Peak.

Quartzite Slabs around Thomas Fork

Looking east toward Millvue Peak above Millcreek Canyon

Looking north over limestone walls behind Grandeur Peak's Summit.
You can see the red sandstone cliffs that are seen from along the trail to Grandeur Peak,
from along the trail in Church Fork in Millcreek Canyon.

Looking southwest over Mount Olympus's slab walls toward the southern end of the Oquirrh Mountains.

Looking northeast down Millcreek Canyon towards Mount Aire.
Mount Aire is made of mostly red sandstone.

Looking north toward Francis Peak.

I was surprised to watch a small airplane contrail form into this cloud.
It's too bad the exhaust mucks up the sky so much.
Blue skies would be better in my opinion.

A wide-angle view looking north toward Grandeur Peak

The Pipeline trail in Millcreek Canyon,
which curves around the southern base of Grandeur Peak.

Looking north over the northern end of the Wasatch,
toward a plane-exhaust filled sky, and a car-pollution covered city.
I guess that's why I like to be in the mountains.

Looking southwest toward the North Summits of Mount Olympus.
The contrail is pointing to the high peak of the northern block.

Looking southwest toward the South and North Summits of Mount Olympus.

Looking down Neffs Ridge toward Olympus Cove.
Neffs Canyon Parking Lot is visible at the base of the ridge below (Barely).

A telephoto of Neffs Canyon Parking Lot
The colorful tree area is known as White's Park.
The freightliner truck is picking up water for Mount Olympus Water.

Looking south toward The Chadbourne Climbing Crag (Top)
You can get to this from the same trail you would take to Neffs Knob.
This route can be found on the Olympus North Trail Map in the links at the top of the page.

Looking south toward mighty Mount Olympus
The sub-ridge we took on a previous hike up Neffs Ridge is visible in the bottom.

Mount Olympus, the sea of pollution, the Oquirrh Mountains,
and laser beams shooting down Neffs Canyon.

Looking west over the northern end of the Oquirrh Mountains,
towards the Kennecott Copper Smelter
The Great Salt Lake is visible.

Grandeur Peak feeling the last glints of light across it's forehead.

Looking north toward Dude Peak in Bountiful.

Looking west as the sun sets behind the Oquirrh Mountains.

Olympus Cove
A higher exposure shot for a better view of the pollution covered valley below.

Looking west toward Deseret Peak in the Stansbury Mountains.
All of the clouds were made from plane exhaust trails.
Notice the new one near the bottom.

Looking west over the Great Salt Lake.

Looking north toward Dude Peak.

Strange airplane exhaust over Farmington Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains.
Why would a plane fly like this and emit so much exhaust?
It just makes the sky ugly.

Polluting the views.

These clouds were all made by plane-exhaust trails.
Back and forth all day long, marking up the skies. Thanks.

The end of the Qquirrhs, the end of the day, and the end of this page.


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