Notch Peak
Delta, Utah

Millard County
3,000 foot sheer cliffs.
Notch Peak Summit : 9.725'

Views of Notch Peak from the east, south, west and from near the base of the mountain.

To get to Notch Peak drive west down Highway 6-50 from Delta, Utah.
After Skull Rock Pass, turn right or north at the Painter Springs Road, for a short cut, continue until around mile marker 33, this will cut out about a half mile of dirt road. Follow the road west down the Tule Valley, The Confusion Range will be on your left (West) and the House Range will be on your right (East)

There is no sign, but once you can start seeing the North Face of Notch Peak, and the entrance to West Sawtooth Canyon, take the next dirt road east or right.

There is a small rock quarry near the entrance, just follow the rocky road toward Notch Peak. This road requires a bit of clearance for your vehicle. Once you get to the river bed, the difficulty increases, you might want to have a few friends walk in front of the vehicle to fix the road and guide your wheels, it wouldn't be fun to get stuck here.

There is no water in West Sawtooth Canyon.

Saturday-Sunday, November 10-11, 2007

From west of the Sevier Lake looking northwest toward Notch Peak about 60 miles away.
Little Notch 9,323' is on the right.

From near the Ibex Well on the Tule Valley Road,
looking north toward Notch Peak.

From near the Ibex Well (South of Highway 50-6)
looking north toward Notch Peak.
On the other side of the high peak is a sheer drop of 3,000 feet.

These mountains are known as The Sawtooth Mountains because of their flat jagged faces.
The Sawtooth Mountains actually belong to the House Range.

Driving north up the Notch Peak Loop Road (North of Highway 6-50)
looking at Notch Peak to the right.
The limestone sedimentry layers are clearly visible from here.

Once the mountain starts opening up the slot canyon on the side,
look for the 4WD dirt road that turns right (east).
There is a small dirt quarry visible here as well, that the 4WD drives around.

Inching our way up the rocky 4WD dirt road toward West Sawtooth Canyon.

Views of the sheer cliffs on the north face of Notch Peak.

Interesting granite rock formations at the mouth of West Sawtooth Canyon.
There are many developed rock climbing routes among these rocks.

Mind-bending limestone sedimentation under giant granite blocks.
Notch Peak waits in the background.

'Sawtoothed' cliffs just north of Notch Peak. 9,424'.

Orange sunlight warming the western face of Notch Peak.

The last light of the day passes across the Sawtooths.

Granite Spires

Looking up West Sawtooth Canyon towards Notch Peak.

A a closer look at West Sawtooth Canyon and Notch Peak.

Notch Peak's northern face, the tallest limestone wall in the USA.

A close-up of some of the cliff walls just north of Notch Peak.

A micro-zoom of some ascocarp fungus growing on some rocks.

Looking northwest over some precarious granite spires over the Tule Valley.
Conger Mountain 8,144, sits among the Confusion Range.

Looking west over the Tule Valley toward the mountains in the Confusion Range.

The Confusion Range. Chevron Ridge and Plympton Ridge

Looking northeast over Tule Valley, The Coyote Knolls, and The Middle Range toward
The Deep Creek Mountains, with Ibapah Peak 12,087 and Haystack Peak 12,020

Notch Peak Map

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