The West Slabs
Mount Olympus

11 pitch
Tandem rock climbing Mount Olympus' North Face (The slabs furthest west)

Spring 1999

Bob nearing the base of the climb.

Micah Goodman and Bob Palais

They're down there.

Looking through my legs, down to the base.

Almost on top, looking northeast toward
Grandeur Peak and Mount Aire

Almost to the top, looking east.

Looking North, down to Olympus Cove.
You can see the 2-15 east belt route

Surveying the damage.

Looking south to Twin Peaks and Lone Peak,
from the top of the West Slabs.

Coming down an unnamed canyon chute, a 2-3 hour downhike.

Almost to the bottom of the canyon

Mount Olympus West Slabs - MAP

Pictures of Mount Olympus- Wasatch Mountains


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