The West Slabs

Mount Olympus North Face

Salt Lake City, Utah
Wasatch Mountains

The West Slabs climb with approach takes about 5-8 hours
depending on whether or not you use ropes
If you use ropes, there are about 11 pitches to climb.
Only the first 2 pitches really require ropes
We tried it without, and everyone made it to the top.

Fall 1999

Approach to the West Slabs (North face of Mt. Olympus)

"The Ricker" free soloing

Denyse and Rick at the end of the second pitch

Looking toward Grandeur Peak

Denyse free climbing near the top

A not so polluted day for Salt Lake City

Denyse on top

On the way down,
Denyse kicked a rock into Lorin's back.
(On the way up, I kicked one into his mouth).

Mount Olympus West Slabs - MAP


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