Ostler Peak Views

Kamas Utah
Views of Ostler Peak from various areas in the Uinta Mountains

From Stillwater Fork, Ostler Fork and Amethyst Lake

From the Uinta Highway looking south towards Ostler Peak.
Ostler Hill is in the foreground.
You can see the Pointy Peak at the bottom of the ridge leading up to Ostler Peak.

Looking south toward Christmas Meadows
behind sits Ostler Peak: 12,718 and Spread Eagle Peak: 12,540' with Ostler Hill in the center.
To get to Amethyst Lake, you'll need to go right at the base of Ostler Hill, up Ostler Fork.

Looking southeast Ostler Peak from along Ostler Fork

Looking south
Ostler Peak - 12,718'

Looking south toward Ostler Peak

Looking west toward
Ostler Peak Summit, made of mixtures of purple and orange limestone.

Looking west toward Ostler Peak's eastern face.

Colorful rock layers of Ostler Peak
This rock scree might be another possible route to the top,
or to your doom, one of the two.

From east of Amethyst Lake looking west toward Ostler Peak.
The Pointy Peak is clearly visible just right of center.
Compare this to the distorted perspective of this little peak from Amethyst Meadow.

From Hayden Peak

Fom along the Hayden-Agassiz ridge looking southeast.
McPheters Lake and Ryder Lake are visible below.
East Hayden, Ostler Peak, Spread Eagle Peak and Agassiz Peak.
On the other side is Naturalist Basin.

From the summit looking east over East Hayden.
Behind that is Lamotte Peak 12,720' and Ostler peak 12,718'
Behind and in between them are:
Mount Beulah 12,557 and The Cathedral 12,224'.

From Agassiz Peak

Lamotte Peak 12,720' and Ostler Peak 12,718'

Lamotte Peak and Ostler Peak between them is Amethyst Lake.

Looking east at Ostler Peak

Looking west Ostler Peak 12,718'

Looking east toward Oslter Peak's western face.

Looking west toward Ostler Peak's eastern face.


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