Paria Canyon, Coyote Buttes

Southern Utah / Northern Arizona

Paria (Pah-ree-ah) Canyon is located between Kanab, Utah and Lake Powell on Highway 89 near the southern end of the Cockscomb.

It is $7 dollars to enter a lottery to enter Coyote Buttes. Your chances are 10% of getting in. The size of your group cannot be more than six.

The BLM doesn't officially maintain the area.
There is dog poop all along the trail.
You will still see plenty of people, even if you come on the off-season.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Driving south down the snowy House Rock Valley Road with the Cockscomb on the left.

Burnt Orange Sanstone Knolls

This is seen along the trail to the Wave
(This is looking back toward the start of the trail)

Snow Crystals had formed over the entire lower half of Utah.

Swirling layers like pages of sand.

Coyote Buttes, you could hear the coyotes in the distance, cackling like Hyenas.

A written record of the past few million years.

A snow hat to keep cool in the blazing Sun.

Sandstone layeres painted in snow.

Looking southeast toward Top Rock Mesa.
Straight ahead lies The Wave.
You can see the trail in the snow below.

Top Rock Mesa. The giant crevice in the center guides you toward the Wave.
The Wave can be seen as the notch below and to the right of this shaded crevice.

Top Rock. A closer view of the crevice.
You can see a little arch above and to the left of the crevice

More Coyote Buttes to the southeast.

Nice Buttes

Layers of time with a tinge of turbulance.

The Butte Brothers with their arched faces looking west to catch the sunrise.

Among the Buttes

The snow just makes the colors that much more extreme.

An arched Butte

Frozen Caramel Castles

Worlds of whirls and swirls

Gnarled ancient sandstone.

A capstone that refuses to erode.

Three little buttes below.

Looks like the skull of a muppet.

An arch above the Wave

A different texture of sandstone.

Frozen Silent Music

Rarely does something so silent, make so much sound.

The sandstone smile looks happily towards his bretheren.

Strange iron deposits found along the red stripes.

A much lesser travelled area of the Coyote Buttes.

The contrast of two timeframes.

A mushroom hoodoo found above the Wave.

This is near the final approach to the Wave

Sine waves of time, undulating in a frozen dance.

More Sandstone Stratification found along the trail.

The northern Coyote Buttes

The brain behind it all.

Atop the northern end of the Coyote Buttes

Snow covered giant hoodoos.

A view of the only difficult route finding area.
You cross over these cliffs along the low point on the left.
It is easy to get lost in this area.
If you get lost just back up and try again. Keep going a little bit further north.

On the northwet side of Paria Canyon you can see Molly's Nipple

Paria Canyon Map


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