Paria Canyon, The Wave

Southern Utah / Northern Arizona

The Wave covered in snow.

Some would say that visiting The Wave under snow would be a waste of time, but really it is even more special that way because it is much more rare to find the area covered in snow. The bone white snow causes the reds and oranges to jump out with even more saturation.

The Wave - Permits - Regulations - Rules

The Wave (and much of Coyote Buttes and Paria Canyon) is the most exclusive place in Utah that I know of. To enter the Wave, you will need to enter a lottery. To enter the lottery, you will need to pay $5-$7. Your chances of getting a permit is roughly 10%. If you apply for a day in the In-Season (Spring and Autumn), your chances are lower. If you apply for a day in the Off-Season (Summer and Winter), your chances are higher. A link to their site can be found at the bottom of the page.

There is no camping. You can bring dogs.

The area can be confusing, so confusing in fact, that it could cost you your life on an extremely hot day, or an extremely cold day. They give you a map when you get your permit, but it's good to do some research, visualize the whole trail, and then keep your mind open while you hike.

There is a link to a printable map at the bottom.
Study the pictures on the Coyote Buttes page to get acquainted with the names of the areas and features.

Trail Description

After driving south for about 10 miles down House Rock Valley Road from Highway 89 (Between Kanab and Page) you will come to the parking area for Coyote Buttes.

Coyote Buttes

You will begin by hiking directly east, navigating around some old rickety fences. The trail curves and meanders in a northeastern direction. After only about 15-20 minutes, you will encounter a trail that climbs up a steep embankment on the right or eastern side of the trail. From there, you will climb up a open section of land where you will be able to see red and yellow mesas and buttes to the east.The trail will lead you southeast and down the other side of this open area hill.

Approaching the North Coyote Buttes
Soon you will be able to see the beautiful red sandstone cliffs of the Northern Coyote Buttes.

North Coyote Buttes. This is the first place to take note, you can get lost here because the trail disappears.

If you look at the picture above, you can see where you will want to cross over to the east side of the North Coyote Buttes -- far on the right, at the low point, near the northern end of the buttes. Once up and over this ridge you will walk along it's eastern ridge base going directly south.

Top Rock Mesa
Looking south from near the
North Coyote Buttes

A closer view of the cleave that extends down from it's high point.

Soon a sandstone mesa will come into view to the southeast. Look for a massive cleave that leads to the top of the mesa. If so, it should be Top Rock Mesa. Follow the cairns (rock stacks) , general weaknesses and animal paths throughout the areas that the trail isn't visible. You will slowly march directly toward the cleave, and on your path, you will encounter The Wave. Continue south just above the Wave and you will find the Big Wave.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Wave is just a small section within the Coyote Buttes.

This is an excellent example of rythmic layering.

More patterned stratification.
Some people don't beleive that these layers were laid down one at time,
Because to believe that, would mean the earth is much older than they'd like to believe.
So if you have evidence that doesn't support your beliefs,
you simply stop seeing the evidence.

Looks like a strange latex rubber layer stretched over the rock.

Time + Water + Wind + Sandstone = Organic Art

The Wave with a smidgen of snow.

Wave turbulance frozen in time.

Follow the corridor to the Sun.

Standing waves of sound recorded in sand.

Demonic images found within the strata.

The Big Wave, it looks like a giant peice of wood.

A close up of the giant mesa walls behind the Wave.
Reminds me of some kind of alien decoration.

The division between new and old.

The giant mesa behind the Wave.

The actual Wave with snow on it's south facing walls.

Ancient Maps of Time.

A story is written here, it tells of wind, rain, snow and eons of time.

Above the Wave are more gnarled rock structures.

Beautiful yet alien looking hoodoo mounds.

Firey wisps and broken scales of ancient sandstone.

Warped and distorted petrifed skin.

Visit the BLM's Website to get a Permit

Paria Canyon Permit

Paria Canyon Map


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