Peak 10,420

AKA Peak 420 : 10,420 Feet
Wasatch Mountains
Salt Lake City, Utah
Park City, Utah
Big Cottonwood Canyon

Wasatch Mountain State Park

420 Peak is one of the easiest peaks to hike (That is over 9,500 feet tall) in the Central Wasatch. You can easily climb up to Peak 420 from Guardsmans Pass. Just climb up the tree covered hill to the south toward Brighton Ski Resort. There is a clear trail, though it is pretty steep, compared to most of the mountains this high in the Wasatch, it is very short; maybe half a mile or so. Once to the top of Peak 10,420, you can easily continue to Clayton Peak to the south.

From the top, you will have views of Little Cottonwood Canyon, Cottonwood Ridge, Mount Timpanogos, Lake Mary, Twin Lakes, Bloods Lake, Silver Lake, Park City, and Heber City.

To get there:
Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon until you almost reach Brighton Ski Resort. You will see a road that turns sharply to the left with a sign on the right that says Guardsmans Pass Road. This Road is closed all winter. Turn up this road, it switchbacks up the Wasatch Crest until it reaches an open overlook with views of Park City, Midway and Heber. There are usually lots of people parked at the overlook, most of them are just going to stay in their cars, the rest are hiking to Clayton peak or riding their mountain bikes down the famous Wasatch Crest Trail.

This is an excellent place to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Looking north toward Jupiter Hill

Pine forests along Peak 10,420

Looking north toward the Francis Peak Radar Station and Thurston Peak
I think that the tram in the foreground is Summit Park...

Wasatch Mountain State Park
Bloods Lake and Silver Lake Islet.
Bald Mountain sits in the background
Park City is on the left and Heber City is on the right.

Looking west toward Wildcat Ridge and Mount Raymond.

Looking west toward Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.

Looking north over the northern Wasatch.

Looking west down Little Cottonwood Canyon and Cottonwood Ridge.
Monte Cristo, Mount Superior, and Sunrise Peak
Along the horizon is the Oquirrh Mountains and
behind sits Deseret Peak in the Stansbury Mountains.

Looking south toward Clayton Peak. In the distance is Mount Timpanogos.

Looking south across Brighton Ski Resort toward Lake Mary.

Looking south across Brighton Ski Resort toward Twin Lakes.

Looking south toward Mount Wolverine.

Looking north over Scott Hill and the northern Wasatch

The last sliver of light descends toward the horizon.
Two of my friends (Tom and Robert) stayed the night on Sugarloaf peak,
they said it was too dark to hike down.

Thanks to Bob and Micah


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