Perla's Ridge Talus

Little Cottonwood Canyon

Perla's Ridge a.k.a The Knuckle of God

The rock quarry was riddled with loose boulders, one came loose while I was on it.
There is poison oak waiting if you decide to leave the trail.

To get there: cross the wooden bridge east of the pipe bridge,
(or cross the pipe bridge then go east until you get to the wooden bridge)
then continue east (not southeast) until you reach the mouth of the quarry.
Follow the quarry for as far as you want, this will eventually lead you over the mountain
and into Bell's canyon - if you can free climb over the short 5.6 sections of rock next to the drainage paths.


Along the path after the wooden bridge are quite a few large boulders to climb.

May 1, 2000

The Thumb, The Waterfront, and Gate Buttress.

The Goat Tower and The Pawn
The top of the Thumb is in the lower left.

The Black Peeler Buttress


Towards the Thumb and the Waterfront

Looking toward Gate Buttress from the Perla's Ridge talus.

Some people say that "little people" live in the Perla's Ridge talus.
Don't believe them, they are actually big people - far away.

This is an up close shot of the drainage paths.
There are some pictures of this area from The Thumb

The Fin

Sunset over the Oquirrh Mountains


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