Pete's Rock

The Prudential
Mount Olympus

Memorial Day
Canyon Rescue

And the Intelligence Award goes to...

The entrance to the Olympus trail was covered with police, canyon rescue, and news crews. I asked one of the rescuers what was going on - she told me that a couple of women were hiking the trail, started going down a different trail, then got lost. So they just picked up the cell-phone and called canyon rescue.

They had to block off Wasatch Blvd. to allow the helicopter to land. And when the propellers stopped turning, two women came skipping out like they just got off the rollercoaster ride at Lagoon.

So for the record, if you ever get lost on a mountain, remember this survival tip:

(These people don't get the Intelligence Award however, it goes to the group of geniuses who decided to dispose of their beer bottles by smashing them all over the Prudential - Way to go!)

May 29, 2000

Made for TV movie : "I'm Too Tired to Hike Down the Mountain."
I think it cost them in the $30,000-60,000 range to be lazy.
Don't worry their husbands will pay for it, they always do.

Mankind breaking Darwin's laws.

Laif and Denyse climbing over the broken beer bottles.

Losing the war on stupidity
Denyse picking up broken glass, that covered the area.

Lone Peak

Forgetting what we just witnessed.

At least there's still the sunset.


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