A.K.A. The Little Matterhorn

Mountain Goats

Notes: We backpacked up to Upper Red Pine Lake.
Then climbed along the tall ridge south of Red Pine (Alpine Ridge),
all the way to The Pfeifferhorn, elevation 11,326.
The hike is about 10 miles round trip, rising 3,700 feet.

Friday, September 15, 2000

On the summit of The Pfeifferhorn,
73 feet above Lone Peak.

Looking east toward Red Baldy and American Fork Twin Peaks.
Below is the Subpfeiff

Denyse, Rick, Nick, and Jared.

Watching the mountain goats below.

Denyse, Rick and Jared

A bouldering wall at the begining of the ridge approach.

Nearing the saddle of the ridge.

Silver Creek glaciation,
as seen from the Pfeifferhorn ridge looking south.
In the distance is Utah Lake, one of the largest freshwater lakes
in the western U.S.

Jared and Nick in front of
Box Elder Peak and Mount Timpanogos.

Carefully climbing along the exposed ridge.

Box Elder Peak, 11,010

Looking northeast at Flagstaff Peak, above the Hellgate Cliffs.

Jared on top of the Pfeifferhorn.

Jared with Twin Peaks behind.

Looking east, you can see all the way to Alta and Brighton.
In the foreground is the Subpfeiff, elevation 10,897.

Along the ridge looking north down the Hogum Divide 10,515
notice the massive boulder quarries. Hogum fork is on the left.
You can barely see the Maybird Lakes on the right.

The effects of the last 400 feet on Nick.

Nick standing in front of Superior Peak.

Nick in front of Alta and White Baldy.

A loud pika (sounds like a small goat)

Red Top Peak with American Fork Twin Peaks behind it.

Mount Timpanogos as seen from the top of the Pfeifferhorn.

Mount Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak, and in the far distance is
Mount Nebo, the tallest mountain in the Wasatch at 11,877.

Jared and Denyse hiking down the Pfeifferhorn.

Looking southeast from the top.

Mountain goat

Mountain Goat

A herd of mountain goats leaping up the Pfeifferhorn.

On the Pfeifferhorn.

Heading down, looking north at Twin Peaks.

Antelope Island and The Great Salt Lake, as seen from the top.

Rick, Denyse and Jared

Looking west past Lone Peak to the Oquirrh and Stansbury Mountains.

Lone Peak (foreground left) elevation 11,253.

Looking back at The Pfeifferhorn,
the small ridge to the left is the Hornypfeiff.

Special Thanks to Denyse, Jared, Rick, and Nick

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