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Provo Peak

Wasatch Mountains - Provo City, Utah
Squaw Peak Road

With views of
Provo Peak - 11,069'
Cascade Mountain
Mount Timpanogos
Utah Lake

We started too late to even have a chance of making it to the top before sunset. Remember if you are going to take the Squaw Peak Trail road, that it will take about an hour to drive this 4WD road to the base.

To get to the base of Provo Peak from Salt Lake City:
Go south on I-15 and take exit 275 which takes you to highway 52 and then to Highway 189. When the road splits, take the one to Bridal Veil Falls. Just after mile marker 9 you will see a road that turns south (right) this should say "Squaw Peak Trail". From there follow the paved road until it ends and then continue along a dirt road (4WD) until you get to the base of the peak. There were lots of other confusing turn offs, so definately find a map if you want to have a positive experience.

We didn't reach the summit, or get anywhere near it. It started getting dark before we even got to the ridge trail.

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Sunday July 7, 2002

Provo Peak

A telephoto of Provo Peak from the north

Provo Peak from the north

The ridge north of Provo Peak with Provo Peak on the far right.

Looking south to Y Mountain and the south side of Rock Canyon.

Cascade Peak

Looking northwest to Cascade Peak and Mount Timpanogos in the distance.

Cascade Peak

From here you can see the mountain meadow
that you need to 4WD over to get to the base of Provo Peak.
Cascade Mountain sits above.
In the background is Timpanogos which has a similar bench.
And in the far distance is Lone Peak.

Looking north toward the south end of Cascade Peak.

Looking east toward Cascade Peak. This shows the West Face Route.
The shortest route to the summit.

Looking southeast to Corral Peak.

This is the starting point we took to begin the trail.
The West Ridge

Walking through the wildflowers with Buckley Peak to the southwest.

Luiz and Katita returning to the road.
Buckley Peak is in the background.

From along the jeep road we hiked looking eastward.
This is about the halfway point where you turn right and cut toward the peak.

Provo Peak

Provo Peak Trail

A telephoto from the same place as the previous picture.
You can see the trail up the ridgeline.

Mount Timpanogos

Looking northwest toward Mount Timpanogos

For views from a sucessful summit of Provo Peak:
Provo Peak Summit

Thanks to Katita and Luiz

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