Provo Peak Summit

Wasatch Mountains - Provo City, Utah
Squaw Peak Trail Road

With views of
Provo Peak - 11,069'
Corral Peak
Cascade Mountain
Mount Timpanogos
Lone Peak, American Fork Twin Peaks, Alpine Ridge.
Spanish Fork Peak
Santaquin Peak
Mount Nebo
Buckley, Maple, Y Mountain, Squaw Peak
Utah Lake

Remember if you are going to take the Squaw Peak Trail road, that it will take about an hour to drive this 4WD road to the base.

To get to the base of Provo Peak from Salt Lake City:
Go south on I-15 and take exit 275 which takes you to highway 52 and then to Highway 189. When the road splits, take the one to Bridal Veil Falls. Just after mile marker 9 you will see a road that turns south (right) this should say "Squaw Peak Trail". From there follow the paved road until it ends and then continue along a dirt road (4WD) until you get to the base of the peak. There were lots of other confusing turn offs, so definately find a map if you want to have a positive experience.

The light was so bland that I didn't get any real pictures, that means I need to go back.
It took us about 1.5 to 2 hours to summit from the parking area.

Wednesday July 24, 2002

From along the west ridge to Provo Peak
Looking northwest over a wildflower to Cascade Peak, Mount Timpanogos and Lone Peak.

I've included this picture that shows where you turn right/east and begin the west ridge to Provo Peak.
It is very easy to miss. The jeep trail continues and the right/east trail just looks like a steep sidewall.
You can also cut east up the mountain before this area.

If you have free time on your hands, make a sign for this turn, or stack a few rocks.
If you have a large scout troop, or just a large group,
you could stomp a clear trail from here up to the clearing,
There are many animal trails, a more defined trail would help with errosion.

Going up the west ridge. After this point, the trail is easy to see and follow.

Just a few minutes from the summit of Provo Peak, Jared can be seen on the top.

Brandon and Jared looking over the ridge that connects Provo Peak with Cascade Peak.
It snakes around like a sine curve.

Terraced lines on the ridge that connects with Cascade Peak.
From here, we could see Cascade Peak, Mount Timpanogos,
And the most of the Alpine Ridge from Lone Peak to Devils Castle

Part of the Alpine Ridge: Red Top Peak, American Fork Twin Peaks, and
Hidden Peak (The Tram is visible)

From along the beginning of the trail looking north at:
Lone Peak, Mount Timpanogos and Cascade Peak.

A closer view of Lone Peak

From the summit of Provo Peak looking north over Cascade Peak,
Mount Timpanogos and the Alpine Ridge.
The Squaw Peak Trail Road is visible on the bench below Cascade Peak.

Looking west from the summit of Provo Peak.
The ridge on the other side of the Squaw Peak Trail Road below is Lions Head
The three peaks behind that are Maple Peak, Y Peak and Squaw Peak.
The city is Provo, the lake is Utah.

Looking northwest:
Foreground Ridge: Cascade Peak
2nd Ridge: Mount Timpanogos Peak, South Peak
3rd Ridge: Pfeifferhorn

Looking northwest
Foreground Ridge: Cascade Peak
2nd Ridge: Mount Timpanogos' Roberts Horn
3rd Ridge: Pfeifferhorn, White Baldy
4rth Ridge: Broads Fork Twin Peaks

This should be called "Provo East Peak";
it is almost a twin to Provo Peak.

From the summit of Provo Peak looking south.
Foreground ridge: Corral Peak
Background left to right: Spanish Fork Peak, Santaquin Peak, and
Mount Nebo, the most southern peak of the Wasatch.

Spanish Fork Peak

Loafer Mountain and Santaquin Peak

Mount Nebo and Bald Mountain
Nebo is the tallest mountain in the Wasatch.

Looking southwest over Maple Peak, Utah Lake, The South Mountain and the Tintic Mountains.

Looking south at a rain shower between Buckley Peak and Santaquin Peak.
This same thunderhead drifted north over Lone Peak and killed (Lightning) 2 people on the summit about 1/2 hour later.

There were a variety of Indian Paintbrush along the trail.

For views of a previous attempt to this peak:
Provo Peak

Thanks to Brandon, Jared and Gloria


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