Grandeur Peak
The Reef

The Reef is a long "Great Wall of China" looking outcrop of rock or "hogback"
that winds around Grandeur Peak, the smaller mountain north of Olympus.

It has many bolted climbs, ranging from 5.8 to 5.12c
See West Slabs 3 for a view of Grandeur from Olympus.

November 27, 1999

The Reef along Grandeur Peak

Looking toward of the West Slabs on Olympus.

Lorin, Erin , Mt. Olympus.

Erin, Denyse, and the hogback.

The northern side, looking east.

Lorin in front of a sea of filth..

Pug, after falling 9 feet to the end of her leash
( 1 foot above the bottom ).


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