Red Pine Lake

The trailhead to Red Pine Lake starts at the White Pine parking lot.
About 2 and a half miles up the trail there is a wood bridge to the right,
don't go that way, it leads to Maybird Gulch.
The lower lake is about 3 miles,
the upper lakes are about a half mile further.
Upper Red Pine is at an elevation of 10,000 feet.

That same night we hiked up to the Pfeifferhorn.

Friday, September 15, 2000

Lower Red Pine Lake

Three upper Red Pine lakes, (in the spring there is just one)
with Superior Peak and Monte Cristo in the background.

The Subpfeiff, Peak 10,897

Lower Red Pine Lake

Twin Peaks in the morning.

Twin Peaks at night.

Our campground below the Subpfeiff 10,897.

Along the ridge between
White Baldy and The Pfeifferhorn

Little Cottonwood Canyon Overlook,
about a mile and a half up the trail.

Little Cottonwood Canyon Highway.

On the trail to Red Pine Lake

Lower Red Pine Lake and
the Subpfeiff 10,897

Lower Red Pine in the morning.

Lower Red Pine at night.

Sunrise Peak from the trail.

Upper Red Pine Lakes

Upper Red Pine Lake with Twin Peaks in the background.

See pictures from The Pfeifferhorn

Special Thanks to Denyse, Jared, Rick, and Nick


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