Reynolds Peak
Dog Lake

Elevation: 9,423 feet

There are 3 different trails to Dog Lake and Reynolds Peak:
- The Big Water Trail in Milcreek,
- Butler Fork in Big Cottonwood,
- Mill D North Fork in Big Cottonwood.

Big water is the easiest taking only 2 hours (one way)

Finding Dog Lake presents no problem,
but getting to Reynolds Peak is a bit trickier.
Just south of Dog Lake is a 4 way trail junction,
Go west, about 200 feet later, there is a side trail
that leads south, up a forested hill, off of the main trail.
Follow it south through the trees and brush.
The trail might grow faint, but keep going up the ridge (south)
the trail will become clear again, all the way to the top.

Friday, September 8, 2000

Looking southeast from Reynolds Peak

American Fork Twin Peaks behind
The Reed and Benson Ridge and Superior Peak.

Clayton Peak. Underneath is Brighton.

Mount Wolverine and behind is Devils Castle and Sugarloaf.

Standing on the west side of Dog Lake.

Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks.
(The tiny peak between Sunrise and Twin is unnamed)

Superior, Monte Cristo, Kessler, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks

Dromedary, Sunrise, unnamed and Twin Peaks

Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob

Standing on the south side of Dog Lake
looking north at Little Water Peak .

On top of Reynolds Peak looking northeast.

On top of Reynolds Peak looking north.

Looking north.

The tree covered hill south of Dog Lake is Reynolds Peak.

The ridge line peaks are:
Pioneer Peak , Sunset Peak, unnamed, Mount Wolverine,
and Devils Castle.

From the Big Water trail in Milcreek Canyon,
You can see Mount Aire (left)

Mount Superior, Monte Cristo, and Kessler Peak

Pugsquatch in front of Kessler Peak, Dromedary and Twin Peaks

Denyse, and The Pug in front of Mount Wolverine

Looking down the side of Mount Raymond at the Oquirrh Mountains

Grandview Peak is on the far left, Mount Aire in the left foreground,
Lookout Peak is the highlighted ridge (2nd ridge from the foreground)

Looking east down Mill D North Fork (left) and
Clayton Peak (far right)





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