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Wasatch Mountains
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Scott Hill: 10,049'
AKA: Micky Mouse Peak*

Scott Hill is one of the easiest hikes in the Wasatch
that will put you on a peak over 10,000 feet.

Scott Hill: 10,049'
1.8 miles round trip.
1 hour 30 minutes walking
~900 feet elevation gain.

In the early days, when the area was heavily mined, this peak had a Scottish boss that ran the mines below the peak. The peak was soon described as the Scott Hill. I think they should change the name to Micky Mouse Peak, in reference to the mine tailings that create the symbol of the Disney character.

A view of Scott Hill from Twin Lakes on the other side of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

A View of the Micky Mouse Mine Tailings on Scott Hill From Mount Millicent

Getting there:

Guardsmans Pass is Closed for the Winter.
Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon until you almost reach Brighton Ski Resort, turn left up the hill when you see the sign for Guardsmans Pass. You will encounter a sharp switchback turn which leads to a beautiful overlook, which offers views of the Brighton and Solitude areas. Peaks in Albion Basin can also be seen.

Continue up this road, it will curve to the left, and then it will switchback hard to the right. At this elbow in the road, you will find a dirt road that spurs down the hill to the north. There is a gate, so you will need to park here. Follow this road on foot.

The trail passes through a beautiful pine forest. After hiking for about 20 minutes, you will reach a pass (Scott Pass) with a T in the road. From here you can see Jupiter Hill with a road angling across it's face and Guardsmans Peak sitting on the other side of Thaynes Canyon, or as I call it "Gutted" Canyon.

Take the trail to the left that starts climbing northwest up the hill..
This road will switchback, and at the switchback you can either continue up the road, or you can cut right up the hill to reach a vantage point to see Thaynes Lake below to the east.

Scott Hill from Guardsmans Pass Peak

Once at the top of the hill, just follow the ridge to the left or east, until it meets back up with the dirtroad. Continue towards the obvious peak, as soon as the road starts to dip down the left or south side of the ridge, start cutting up the hill, follow the animal trails as they zig-zag up to the summit. Once on top, the views are simply amazing.

Google Map of Scott Hill Hike

Monday, October 6, 2008

A view of Scott Hill from the road up to Guardsmans Pass.
You can see the Micky Mouse symbol on it's southern face
from anywhere near Brighton.
These are just mine tailing dumps from the olden days.
Above is a weather monitoring station.

Looking south from near Guardsmans Pass toward the Honeycomb Cliffs.

Another view of Scott Hill as we drive toward Guardsmans Pass.

From atop a hill east of Scott Hill looking east toward Jupiter Hill
and Thaynes Lake*

Another view of Jupiter Hill

Looking south toward Mount Tuscarora in Brighton and Devils Castle in Albion Basin.

Looking far east toward the western end of the Uinta Mountains.

Approaching Scott Hill.
Looking west down Big Cottonwood Canyon,
toward Kessler Peak and Mount Olympus.

Looking south over the Cottonwood Ridge
toward the Pfeifferhorn along the Alpine Ridge.

Looking south toward Brighton Ski Resort.
Silver Lake is visible in the lower middle, Twin Lakes sits directly above it.
Mount Evergreen is the hill in the center, right of Twin Lakes.
Mount Wolverine is visible with it's peak touching the left edge of the image.
The eastern Honeycomb Cliffs sit on the right side of the image.

Looking west toward the summit of Scott Hill.

The summit of Scott Hill is covered with teal limestone.

From the summit of Scott Hill looking west down Big Cottonwood Canyon
towards Wildcat Ridge, Mount Raymond, and Gobblers Knob.

Looking south toward Superior Peak and Monte Cristo

Looking east from Scott Hill toward Park City and the Uinta Mountains.

From the top of Scott Hill looking northwest down the Wasatch Crest,
a world class mountain biking trail.
On the hill in the center of the picture is another weather monitoring station.

Looking southwest toward Sunrise, Dromedary and Twin Peaks
at the western end of the Cottonwood Ridge.

Looking southeast from Scott Hill toward Peak 420 and Clayton Peak.

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