Sevier Lake
Delta, Utah

Sevier Lake is dry for most of the year, it has no outlet, the water either evaporates or drains into underground rivers. The Sevier Lake hasn't lasted a full year since 1983, when it became the second biggest lake in Utah because of the floods.

Saturday-Sunday, November 10-11, 2007

Sevier Lake dust storms. Looking west toward Signal Peak.

Looking west over the Sevier Lake,
over the Cricket Mountains toward Signal Peak 11,223' atop the Sevier Plateau

The Cricket Mountains, with the sand dunes below.

Looking south from Highway 6-50 over the Coyote Knolls
toward the end of the House Mountain Range.
The Cricket Mountains are on the left.

Looking south over the Coyote Knolls towards the end of the House Range

Strange Cloud swirl above the Cricket Mountains and the Sevier Dry Lake.

Looking southwest over the Sevier Dry Lake
towards the San Francisco Mountains in the distance, and the House Range on the right.

From the Sevier Lake looking northwest toward Notch Peak.
The Cleave can bee seen in the middle, Little Notch is visible on the far right.

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