Snow Canyon State Park

Snow Canyon is located north west of Saint George in the south west corner of Utah.

Snow canyon's main attractions are the lava tubes and lava flows around the red and white sandstone. It is much like a smaller version of Zion National Park.

It costs $5.00 per vehicle per day to visit Snow Canyon
(at the time of this writing)

From I-15 take Highway 18 (Bluff Street) going north.
Turn left at Snow Canyon Parkway
Turn right at Snow Canyon Road (Highway 300).

You can also continue north up Highway 18,
and then enter Snow Canyon from the back.

Friday, February 23, 2001

Lava cap atop a sandstone hill.

White sandstone cliffs to the north

Denyse standing above a deep lava tube.

Denyse and Jared inside the lave tube.

Lava Tube Location on Google Maps


More cacti

Snow canyon sand formations

Sandstone scales

Red and white sand swirls.

We hiked up this to gain access to the top.

Looking north east at more sand scales on the top.

The sand scales from the other direction.

On top of the east rim.

Looking north east at the lava covered ground.

Climbing down

Then we visited mushroom land.

The walk back around the west side of the Petrified Dunes.

Walking through the wash.

Looking south west from the wash.

Canyon walls

With a cameo appearance by 'Squirts' the squirrel.

Lava bed


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