Southern Utah Snow Crystals

This strange phenomenon is caused by warm humid air passing over sub-zero snow on the floor. Each single H20 molecule gently locks into place like a little magnet, while the crystal slowly grows and grows.
It is identicle to the process by which a snowflake forms, except in this situation each "tree" is just one of the snowflake's arms, and these crystal trees are many hundreds of times bigger than snowflakes.

The shape and polarity of the water molecule contribute to the shape of the crystal.
The water molecule is a little triangular magnet (positive top, negative bottom).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ice crystals cover the ground like a blanket of miniature glass trees.

Snow wrinkles covered in crystaline fur.

Ice crystals growing in lockes of hairlike tufts.

More interesting ice crystalization.

All of the snow in the entire southern end of Utah was covered in these sparklely ice crystals.

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