Stewart Falls

And pictures of
Bridal Veil Falls
in Provo Canyon

Timpanogos Mountain
American Fork Canyon

4 miles round trip.

The trail to Stewart Falls starts in Aspen Grove, the same trailhead as Mount Timpanogos. Instead of going west, go east toward the rock ampitheater. The trail system around the theater is very unorganized, there are dozens of trails, just pick one that goes up the hill until you get to the main trail, follow this one left or east.
This trail meanders around a ridge going up and down, passing through forests of aspen trees and giant ferns.

Climbing around the upper waterfall could be dangerous with slippery shoes.
Pug like usual, was the life of the party. Everyone wanted to meet mountain Pug.

Monday, August 18, 2003

A wide angle view of Stewart Falls.
It's too bad that I will probably never get up early enough to see the sunrise
because that's the time to take pictures of this hike.

Gloria at the base of the upper falls.

A close up of the moss that has found a home under Stewart Falls.

Looking west toward Stewart Falls, there were quite a few people there.

Stewart Falls

Here are some shots of Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.

I call this rock "Chinese Castle" if you squint your eyes just right
you can see the aerial tramway near the top, and Bridal Veil Falls in the bottom.

A telephoto of the aerial tramway. I heard this got wiped out once by an avalanche.

Another view of the aerial tramway.

Bridal Veil Falls.
There were a couple kids hiking around the base of it that saw me taking pictures,
so they waved their arms hoping for their 15 minutes of fame.

A close up of Bridal Veil Falls and the kids.

Thanks to Gloria and Pug


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