Sugarloaf Peak

Sugarloaf 11,051'
Devils Castle 10,961'

Albion Basin, Little Cottonwood Canyon

We parked one car at Albion Basin and another at Snowbird. We rode the tram up to the top of Hidden Peak, and then traversed Alpine Ridge up to Mount Baldy and then on up to the Sugarloaf. From there we hiked down to Cecret Lake in Albion Basin, and then back to our car.

It was cold on top, I didn't bring any extra clothes.

August 11, 2008

Indian Paintbrush Wildflowers and Sugarloaf Peak.
Looking east from Alpine Ridge between Mount Baldy and the Sugarloaf.
Behind is Devil's Castle.

Looking north over Alta Ski Resort.

Looking north toward the Honeycomb Cliffs.

Looking west toward Mount Baldy (foreground),
Twin Peaks, Sunrise Peak and Dromeday Peak.

From the summit of the Sugarloaf looking east toward Devils Castle.

Devils Castle tasting the last glints of light on it's sheer face.

From the summit of the Sugarloaf looking north over Albion Basin.
Honeycomb Cliffs, Mount Wolverine, Tuscarora,
Guardsmans Peak, Peak 420, Clayton Peak.

Devil's Castle

Clayton Peak, AKA Mount Majestic

Twin Peaks, and Dromedary Peak.

Looking west toward the Hidden Peak Tram with Lone Peak in the background.

Looking west down Little Cottonwood Canyon towards the Salt Lake Valley.
The little bump on the lower right is Perla's Ridge.
In the background are the Oquirrh Mountains,
and behind them is the Stansbury Mountains with Deseret Peak being the highpoint.

Looking south toward Provo Peak, Cascade Peak and Mount Timpanogos.

Looking west down Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Lone Peak is on the far left and Twin Peaks are on the far right.
Mount Baldy is in the middle right.

Cottonwood Ridge.
Twin Peaks, Sunrise Peak, Dromedary Peak, 2-3 unnameds,
Monte Cristo, and Mount Superior.

Mount Timpanogos.
The summit is the highpoint on the right.

Looking north down the Northern Wasatch.

Looking northeast over the Honeycomb Cliffs.

Guardsmans Peak and Peak 420.

Northern Wasatch

Looking northwest over Mount Raymond, Thaynes Peak
and on into the Great Salt Lake. Behind is the Lakeside Mountains,
the Grassy Mountains and the Newfoundland Mountains.

Looking northwest over Kessler Peak, towards Antelope Island.

Broads Fork Twin Peaks.

The Cottonwood Ridge.

Mount Raymond in front of the Great Salt Lake.

Thanks to Jason, Dallas, and Mike


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