Temperature Inversion
Wasatch - Oquirrh Mountains

Salt Lake Valley, Utah

We hiked up the West Route on Grandeur Peak to see the inversion smog from above. Every year this soup of pollution festers in the valley. The whole city is suffocated in their own gaseous waste for weeks and months at a time. I can only imagine the negative health effects of this blanket of filth. Let's see... we've got Magcorp, the worst polluter in the entire country, 40 miles to the west, we've got Dugway, burning nerve agents and other chemical weapons, 40 miles to the south, and every car pumping away under a cramped layer of smog to create this suffocating broth of cancer.

Riding a bike downtown is like being held under a blanket, while that fat sweaty dude from your high school gym class rips wet, reesty sulphur-bombs right in your face.

It's strongly advised, to not exercise during the inversion. So you've got your choice; get unhealthy by sitting around your house all day, or get really unhealthy by exercising.

Years ago, I used to ride my bike downtown to work every day. After a while, during the inversion, I got chronically sick. After saving money for some time, I bought a powered gas mask that I wore to work. I immediately started feeling better (I know it looked weird, but I didn't care). One time, I stopped on the street to watch Rod Decker interviewing a pedestrian. I was hoping that he would ask me why I had the gas mask on. But he just walked away, I guess I looked too intimidating. I would have told him "Levels of pollution, that risk the health of residents, should be illegalized", and fines should have to be paid by the government to the residents of Salt Lake.

Think about it... The government creates laws every day to prevent harm to our bodies, why don't they do something about this cancerous pesticide blanket? Could it have something to do with...hmmm, I don't know... Money?

Magcorp + Dugway + Fossil Fuels = Lots of Money
Residents should get some of that money for the future health problems that it's going to create.

January 18, 2004

How many mule deer can you see?

Everything was frosted with rime a.k.a. hoarfrost.

One of the not-so-good views of Salt Lake City
Above is the sun, you can barely see Gloria hiking up below.

Surfacing out of the smog, gasping for fresh air.
I noticed that the air was extra harsh just under the death blanket.
Most of the visible haze isn't pollution, it's water vapor or frost.
Pollution isn't causing these low laying clouds,
instead the inversion holds all of the pollution in.

Above 6,000' or so, it was a beautiful day.
Most of what you see is water vapor.

Evil gasses churning below the tranquil blue sky.
The Inversion creates a beautiful liquid surface.

Like an island in a Clorox sea.

A ridge below Grandeur snuggling with the oozing evil exhaust.

Looking north to Emigration Ridge above the toxic ocean.

In the distance, is the southern end of the Oquirrh Mountain Range.
Under the smog is the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley.

Mount Olympus
gritting his teeth in the freezing cold liquid.

Flat Top Mountain 10,620' in the Oquirrhs to the southwest.

Lowe Peak 10,589' in the Oquirrhs.

2000 years from now, the city is gone, covered in a 1,500 ft. glacier of snow.

Looking west over the Salt Lake Valley toward the Oquirrh Mountains.
Imagine a giant fish jumping out and swallowing a low flying plane.
Or don't, it's up to you.

But seriously, below the smog are thousands of Salt Lake City residents feeling "Under the Weather".

By the way, there are 13 mule deer in the 1st picture.
4 on the left, 3 in the middle, and 6 on the right.

Thanks to Gloria


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