The Thumb

Black Peeler
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Gate Buttress

Lots of bouldering can be found around the river.
Just park at the Gate Buttress, and explore below.
Don't get off the trails though, there's poison oak to walk into,
and shot gun weilding mountain people that want you to "Get off their land!"

May 3, 2000

Westwind Buttress, The Thumb, and the Waterfront

The Thumb

Westwind Buttress, The Thumb, Plumline, and Waterfront.

Looking northwest at Gate Buttress and The Thumb.

Perla's Ridge - west talus - see Perlas Ridge

Perla's Ridge

Black Peeler - South Face

Black Peeler South - East Face

Entire Black Peeler Area

Gate Buttress

The Green Adjective Gully

The Goat Tower and The Pawn (above The Thumb )

This picture was taken from the dark corner of the picture below.

Looking West - Toward Contact Buttress


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