Mt. Timpanogos

Mount Timpanogos: 11,750 feet.
The second highest peak in the Wasatch.

We started from Aspen Grove.
It took us 4.5 hours to reach the summit and 3 hours to get back down.
The Timpanogos shelter by Emerald Lake is about 80% of the way up.
The most difficult sections are the beginning before the waterfalls,
and the glacier after Emerald Lake.

To effectively climb the glacier, a strong stick or ice axe is very helpful.
You don't have to go up the glacier you can continue west.
From the top, we saw a small herd of mountain goats.

On the way down, we saw 18 people going up after dark
to camp in solitude at the shelter near Emerald Lake.


Friday, September 29, 2000

Limestone terraces in the lower Primrose Cirque
(after the second waterfall).

The same limestone terraces as in the picture above.

Looking east towards Sundance.

Robert's Horn from the west.

Along the base of Robert's Horn, nearing the first pass.

Along Robert's Horn

Looking east toward Deer Creek Reservoir.

Robert's Horn from the south

From Emerald Lake looking southeast.

This shelter was used for community hikes between 1959 -1970.
One year, over 1,000 people reached the summit in one day.
My dad was one of them.

The fireplace has been cemented closed, here is the plaque above it.

Looking east from inside the shelter.
Everything was vandalized, and the windows were broken.

Emerald Lake from the south.

Scrambling to the top across the loose ground.

The darker layer of snow is a thick blanket of dirt-filled ice,
and is old, much like a glacier.
But, it is probably only about 10 -16 feet deep.
So it is probably not causing much glacial scaring.
It could quite possibly be the last remains of an ancient glacier
maybe as far back as the Quaternary Period (1.6 million years ago)

Almost to the top of the glacial remains.

A view of the Wasatch, the ridgeline peaks are:
Thunder , Box Elder (in the foreground), unnamed, Pfeifferhorn,
Broads Twin Peaks, Sunrise, Dromedary White Baldy, and Red Baldy.

The tiny point at the end of the ridge is the
Timpanogos Triangulation Station. Can you see the trail?

Looking northeast to the Timpanogos Triangulation Station.

Looking east toward South Timpanogos 11,722

Looking down to Emerald Lake from the summit.

On top of Timpanogos looking northwest to Lone Peak.

Robert's Horn from the summit.

Mount Nebo - the only other peak in the Wasatch
that's taller than Mount Timpanogos.

Dance floor near the summit.
- As seen in the hiking book "Hiking Utah" (minus the 1920's people).
behind is South Timpanogos 11,722'.

Heading down.

Jared and Denyse

Nearing the saddle back to Emerald Lake.

Cascade Peak, Provo Peak, Santaquinn and Mount Nebo.

Squaw Mountain Road below Cascade Peak

Utah Lake


Southwest - Utah Lake

South - Santaquinn and Mount Nebo

Southeast - Spanish Fork

Looking north from the saddle..

Going down the ice.

An old goat carcass.

Cottonwood Ridge and Alpine Ridge.

Lone Peak, Thunder, Box Elder, Subpfieff, Pfiefferhorn,
Broads Fork Twin Peaks, Sunrise, Dromedary,
and White Baldy.

Alpine Ridge:White Baldy, Red Baldy, Monte Cristo (Cottonwood Ridge)
American Fork Twin Peaks, Mount Baldy, and The Sugarloaf.

Special thanks to Denyse and Jared.


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