Twin Lakes Reservoir

Big Cottonwood Canyon
Brighton Bowl

Lots of animals - on the way up we saw a few ground hogs,
and on the way down we saw a deer and a moose.

The hike down was one of the better scenic hikes in Big Cottonwood,
we took the path back toward Lake Mary (southeast of Twin Lakes)

There is hardly any plants or algae in the water at Twin Lakes.
Twin Lakes is bigger, but not as aesthetically pleasing as Lake Mary.
But, there are still more mosquitos at Lake Mary. Twin Lakes offers more solitude.

June 28, 2000

Twin Lakes Dam with Mount Millicent in the background.

Twin Lakes looking toward Mount Wolverine

Twin Lakes Reservoir looking toward Clayton Peak

Ground Hog

I made a loud chirping sound, and this one started running toward me,
until he found out (to his horror) that I wasn't a potential mate. How embarrassing

A young male moose with a broken antler
(They grow new ones every year.)

Twin Lakes Reservoir
Pictures from the pass between Mount Wolverine and The Honeycomb Cliffs

Mount Millicent
Pictures from a hike to the peak just east of Twin Lakes

Thanks to Damon


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