Twin Lakes Reservoir

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Big Cottonwood Canyon

Views of:
Brighton Ski Resort
Silver Lake
Mount Millicent
Mount Wolverine
Mount Superior

The trail to Twin Lakes Reservoir begins at the Silver Lake trailhead and continues around the north side of the lake, over a bridge and then meets a fork with clearly marked signs leading to Twin Lakes and Lake Solitude.
As we were passing under the Honeycomb Cliffs part of the trail, two inexperienced hikers were scrambling down the loose talus right towards us. One of them dislodged a rock, which flew right into Katita, who blocked it with his hands. He was pretty angry and swore at him in portuguese...
I'm not sure if the kid understood him, but I think he got the point.

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

Twin Lakes Reservoir from the south side looking north.

Silver Lake, the beginning of the trail to Twin Lakes

From the west side of Twin Lakes looking east toward Mount Millicent.

From near Twin Lakes Pass looking southeast toward Mount Wolverine and Wolverine Cirque.

Mount Wolverine, the easiest route to here is from Mount Millicent.

Looking north across Big Cottonwood Canyon to a little weather station (I think).

Looking east toward Mount Millicent

Looking across Big Cottonwood Canyon toward "Mickey Mouse Peak" (My name for it)

From Twin Lakes Pass looking west toward Flagstaff Peak,
Mount Superior and the rest of Cottonwood Ridge.

A view of Twin Lakes from the pass. Little Mount Evergreen is just to the left.
You can also see Mickey Mouse Hill, Guardsmans Pass, and peak 10,420

We came down the trail directly toward Twin Lakes Reservoir.

Twin Lakes 2000
A hike to Twin Lakes Reservoir with pictures of moose and ground hogs

Mount Millicent
Pictures from a hike to the peak just east of Twin Lakes

Thanks to Gloria and Katita


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