Twin Peaks Fire 1

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Deaf Smith Canyon


Sunday July 14, 2002

I stood on top of my roof to get this shot.
It is pieced together from an unstable clip.
I lined it all up on the computer.
That's why it looks like it does.
This is about 30 seconds condensed into about three.

A few minutes prior it looked like just a small fire.

This one will burn for at least a day.
There are no roads up Deaf Smith Canyon.
There are only a few small lakes nearby (Drinking Water Reserves)
I watched a tiny helecopter fly around and try to make an effect,
but clearly, it was way too small to even matter.
By the time it got back to dump more flame retardant or water,
the fire had overcome the previous load by at least two times.

Twin Peaks Fire Anim 1
Twin Peaks Fire Anim 2
Twin Peaks Fire Anim 3


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