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Twin Peaks Fire 3

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Deaf Smith Canyon

Sunday July 14, 2002

Converting wood into carbon particles.

Twin Peaks Fire

Vaporized tree matter.

We will be using our lungs to filter a large portion of this smoke out of the air.

We were driving on 2-15 and from there it looked like there were 100 flames.
This is much later, and from a different view.

The filth floating over Grandeur Peak and Mount Olympus

A wave of the smoke floating high over Salt Lake City.
This will decend at night and fester in the valley until the next storm.

Another fire out west casts a filter in front of the sun.

Twin Peaks Fire Anim 1
Twin Peaks Fire Anim 2
Twin Peaks Fire Anim 3

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