Uinta Mountains

Below are a few telephoto views of the Uinta Mountains taken from American Fork Twin Peaks and Red Baldy, about 50 miles away.
I was surprized to recognize so many of the Uinta Peaks from so far away. I was also amazed that I could even see them considering that there had been so much smoke from the fire near Cascade Springs the previous week.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

They look so small and insignificant from here.
Kletting Peak, Hayden Peak, Ostler Peak, Agassiz Peak, Spread Eagle Peak
Long Peak, Notch Mountain, Mount Watson, Reids Peak, and Bald Mountain.

A different angle:
Ostler Peak, Agassiz, Yard Peak, Spread Eagle Peak, Explorer Peak,
Notch Mountain, Mount Watson, Reids Peak, Bald Mountain.

Squaw Peak, and Cleveland Peak
Mount Emmons sits in the distance.

Thanks to Gloria


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