Aerial Views of Utah

With some shots of Colorado etc.

November 21, 2006

Mt. Antero, Mount White, Jones Peak Tabeguache Peak.
The start of the Rocky Mountains
Near Nathrop and Salida, Colorado
Centerville Highway 285
Aerial Map

in the foreground is the Tomichi Dome
near Waunita Hot Springs near Doyleville, Colorado (Highway 50)
Massive uplift craters, or could these be meteor impacts?
Aerial Map

Mount Mamma and Grizzly Mountain
Grizzly Lake is barely visible in the foreground.
Chrysolite Mountain is in the foreground.
Pomeroy Mountain, Calico Mountain, Cyclone Mountain, Carvonate Mountain,
Cronin Peak and Boulder Mountain are all visible.
Aerial Map

Uplift crater near Gunnison, Colorado.
State Road 114 runs up the crack on the right.
Aerial Map

Strange structure, this is about a mile wide.
Aerial Map

Gunnison, Colorado
You can see the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport across the bottom.
More undulating rivers, notice the remains of the older river paths.
The "lakes" in the back are for mine trailings.
Gunnison, Colorado Map

Strange manmade designs on the rock.
Aerial Map


The La Sal Mountains near Moab
Mount Peale and Tukunikivatz sit as the tallest of the La Sal

The Green River which splits down the middle of the Book Cliffs
Desolation Canyon (39 degrees 20')
Near Florence Creek, Pinacle Mesa and Xmas Mountain.
Range Creek Canyon, Three Golden Stairs
Aerial Map

Looking south toward Scofield Reservoir
Aerial Map

Mount Nebo

Santaquin Peak, Loafer Mountian

Santaquin Peak

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo, the tallest mountain in the Wasatch Mountains

Mount Nebo

Utah Lake and West Mountain 6904' behind is Mount Nebo
West Mountain

Kennecott Copper Mine

A closer look at the striations,
down in the bottom right corner are some of the largest vehicles in the world.
This is the biggest man made hole in the world.

Kennecott Copper Mine
Kennecott Map

Kennecott Copper Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine

Kennecott Copper Mine

Farmingtom Peak, and Deseret Peak behind. Between the two is Tooele.

Kennecott Copper Mine Refinery
This helps solve the problem of having too much clean air.
Aerial View

Kennecott Copper Mine Refinery and the Great Salt Lake.

Great Salt Lake
Notice how much this looks like mold growing in liquid.
Aerial View

The Wasatch Front, my home.
Aerial Views - Atlanta to Salt Lake City, Utah


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