Utah Volcanoes

The Pavant Valley near Fillmore doesn't look like much as you drive past it on Interstate Highway 15 (I-15), but it is home to a dense concentration of interesting geological phenomenon. Volcanoes such as Pahvant Butte, Red Dome, Tabernacle Hill, and Black Rock, all reside here. Not to mention miles upon miles of underground lava tubes and caves in Devil's Kitchen. There is also an abundance of springs in the area and it is the home to the Pahvant Petroglyphs.
I would like to go out there and tour the area, I heard it was incredibly interesting.

All of the volcanoes are inactive. The area can be accessed from Delta or Fillmore.
Black Rock can be found on the east side of 1-15, I couldn't get a good picture of it, next time.

Tuesday, December 30, 2007

Pavant Butte 5,771 one of Utah's Volcanoes
This area is covered with Lava Tubes, caves and springs.
As seen from I-15 looking west from near the town of Holden.

South Twin Peak 6,421, and North Twin Peak 5,913 all are ancient volcanoes.
The Mineral Mountain Range sit in the distance.
Granite Peak is the high point at 9,578.

Red Dome with Notch Peak,
the tallest vertical limestone face in America, sitting in the distance.

White Mountain and Tabernacle Hill, both volcanoes.

For more information about Utah Volcanoes, or the Delta/Fillmore area, visit the link below.
Don't expect a response from them if you have any questions.
They are way too busy governing the most desolate part of the United States.
(one problem though, their site is filled with errors)



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