Wasatch Airplane Views

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah

Flying from Salt Lake International Airport, Salt Lake City, Utah over the Wasatch Mountain Range.

I got assigned an aisle seat, but I asked the couple from Houston sitting next to me if I could have the window, they kindly let me. I sat down all giddy because the window was so clean... Then the wing de-icer guy came by and sprayed a mist all over the window. Luckly, the plane moved fast enough to wipe off most of the droplets.

Photography by Dale Meier

Sunday, Dec 11, 2005

De-icing the wings at the Salt Lake City International Airport.

Looking south from near Bountiful. The entire polluted Salt Lake Valley is visible.
Give this cesspool of filth a few more weeks to brew a gooey soup of cancer and death.
Then climb a mountain like Grandeur Peak, up to about 6,500 and you will rise out of the chemicals,
careful though, your body will be shocked by the fresh air.

The Wasatch Mountains are on the right, and the Oquirrh Mountains are on the left.
The furthest peak in the middle is Mount Nebo.

Deseret Peak in the Stansbury Mountains.

Looking west down the Wasatch over Salt Lake City,
toward the Oquirrh and Stansbury Moutains.

Looking over the central Wasatch toward mighty Mount Nebo.
Timpanogos, A.F. Twin Peaks, Red Baldy, White Baldy, Box Elder Peak, The Pfeifferhorn.
Superior Peak and Monte Cristo.

Forground: American Fork Twin Peaks; the top of Snowbird Ski Resort, also the highest point in Salt Lake.
Midground: Mount Timpanogos 11,750' the second highest point in the Wasatch Mountains.
Behind sits the giant Mount Nebo, the tallest point in the entire Wasatch.

Mountain Dell Reservoir
Looking down Parleys Canyon towards Salt Lake.
On the right is Emigration Ridge with Dale Peak and Perkins Peak.

Lone Peak 11, 253'
In the distance sit the Tushar Mountains by Beaver City;
Mount Holly 11,999' Delano Peak 12,173' and Mount Belknap 12,139'

Looking west down Parleys Canyon I-80.
Olympus Ridge, Grandeur Ridge.
Summit Park sits below.

Below is the I-80 Kimball Junction to Park City
Looking southwest over Olympus Ridge, Cottonwood Ridge and Alpine Ridge.

Top Left: Lone Peak
Cottonwood Ridge from Superior to Twin Peaks.
Kessler Peak is visible on the bottom right.

Olympus Ridge.
Mount Raymond and Gobblers Knob are in the left of middle.
Behind are Hobbs Knob, Triangle Peak and Mount Olympus

Lone Peak, Twin Peaks and the Cottonwood Ridge.
On the upper right is Lewiston Peak and Flat Top Mountain in the Oquirrhs.

Park City and the Central Wasatch.

Jordanelle Reservoir the Jordanelle Dam is on the top.
Highway 40 is on the right.

Mount Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak, Alpine Ridge, Cottonwood Ridge.
Jordanelle Reservoir, Fog is covering the northern section.

Lone Peak
The Pfeifferhorn is visible on the left.

Mount Timpanogos.

Lone Peak.

Mount Timpanogos

Looking down Alpine Ridge.
Midway City

Provo Peak, Cascade, Timpanogos.
Heber City

In the forground is Heber City covered in a blanket of frozen mist.

Mount Timpanogos
It looks like the fog is flowing to the right.

Mount Nebo in the south to Timpanogos to the north

Cascade Peak

Provo Peak

Mount Nebo, the tallest peak in the Wasatch

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo

Mount Nebo at the southern end of the Wasatch Mountain Range.



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