Wasatch Mountains - Oquirrh Mountains

Here are some reference pictures I took from Highway 6 and I-15 of the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountains. This images were shot on the way back from Phoenix. Also included are images of the Oquirrh Mountains from Emigration Ridge in the Wasatch.

Sunday Nov. 30, 2003 - Tuesday Dec 3, 2003

Looking west toward Loafer Mountain 10,687' and Santaquin Peak 10,685' from Highway 6.

Looking southwest toward the east face of Mount Nebo 11,928' from Highway 6.
For multiple views of this mountain: Mount Nebo Views

Looking northwest toward Spanish Fork Peak 10,192'.

Looking north toward Mount Timpanogos 11,750'.
Box Elder Peak 11,101' is visible on the left in the distance.

From 1-15 near Provo looking west toward Lewiston Peak 10411' (smaller peak on the far left),
Flat Top Mountain 10,620' (Tallest in the Oquirrh Mountains)
and Lowe Peak 10,589'

Looking east toward Flat Top Mountain and Lewiston Peak in the Oquirrh Mountains.

Emigration Ridge

From Emigration Ridge, looking west toward Farnsworth Peak 9,040'
and Kessler Peak 8,820',
two peaks you won't be climbing any time soon.

From Emigration Ridge, looking west toward Dead Ox Pass 9,220', and Lowe Peak 10,589'.
The discoloration on the bottom is a result of Pollution.

From Emigration Ridge, looking west toward Lewiston Peak 10411'
and Flat Top Mountain 10,620' the highest point in the Oquirrhs.
On a clear day in the winter, you can see the entire Wasatch from there.
From the Wellsvilles near Logan in the North, to Mount Nebo near Nephi in the South.
A span of nearly half the state of Utah.

You won't be going there any time soon though,
as the entrance from Ophir is owned by the Ault Family.
I hear they're building a tram up to Flat Top or a nearby peak.

From Emigration Ridge, looking west toward West Mountain 9,068', Clipper Peak 9,207'
and the Bingham Copper Mine, the biggest man-made hole in the world.
There used to be a peak where the hole is.

Thanks to Gloria


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