Wasatch Mountains
Uinta Mountains - Airplane Views

These shots were taken from a commercial airliner from out the window, they turned out much better than I thought.
April 1, 2002

Flying over Big Beacon Ridge, looking down to Emigration Canyon
Emigration Ridge, Milcreek Ridge (Grandeur Peak) Olympus Ridge,
Cottonwood Ridge (Twin Peaks) Alpine Ridge (Lone Peak).
Timpanogos and even Mount Nebo are visible.

The lower Mountain Dell Reservoir is visible next to Parley's Canyon.

The eastern end of the Wasatch.
Timpanogos is clearly visible toward the top middle.

Parley's Canyon. You can see all the way to Nebo.

Timpanogos (far left) and Lone Peak (middle) can you find the Pfeifferhorn?

Milcreek Ridge with Grandeur Peak (Foreground) and Mount Olympus (middle)

White Baldy, Box Elder Peak and the Pfeifferhorn.
Closer in the foreground is the Cottonwood Ridge with
Mount Superior and Monte Cristo (far left)

Mountain Dell Upper and Lower Reservoirs.
This picture shows Mount Aire Peak and Mount Aire Canyon clearly (in the middle)

Similar to the picture above

It's kind of hard to distinguish all the ridges and peaks.
Closest ridge left to right : Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond, Wildcat Ridge.
Second Ridge: Monte Cristo, Alpine Ridge, Dromedary, Sunrise and Twin Peaks.
Third ridge: White Baldy, Pfiefferhorn, Thunder Mountain and Lone Peak (Alpine Ridge.
Behind that you can see the end of Timpanogos, Box Elder Peak and all the way to Nebo.

Similar to the picture above but with more of a view of Timpanogos and Santaquin Peak.

The Uintas.
Mt Agassiz 12,428' (bottom middle) Lion Peak 11,333 (middle left)
There are about 300 lakes visible, most of them are snow covered.
The basin in the middle is the West Fork of the Rock Creek Drainage,
with Granddaddy Reservoir at the end.

The Uintas.
Explorer Peak (bottom left) Squaw Peak and Cleveland Peak 12,584' (middle)
Brown Duck Mountain 11,866' (upper middle)

The Uintas

The Uintas
Flat Top 12,194 (middle) and Lost Mountain 12,391 (lower middle)
Chain Lakes Basin is at the bottom left

Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge

Flaming Gorge

For some pictures of the Wasatch Front from a 6 passenger plane:
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Pictures from many of the Uinta Peaks:

Special Thanks to Brad Mischler for help with some of the nomenclature (naming)


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