Wasatch Plane Ride

Views from a six passenger single propeller plane.

Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Provo, Utah

It was a perfect day for a plane ride, the leaves were bright reds and yellows, and the sun made them even brighter as it set.
My Brazilian friend, Raphael Gomez flew the plane with a little guidance by the plane's owner, George.
I took about 280 pictures. There were so many good informative pictures that I had to break this session up into different groups.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

A nearly orthographic view of Mount Olympus.
The entire route to the top is visible,
which basically follow straight up the middle of the picture.
Hobbs Knob is visible behind Olympus.

Mount Olympus 9,026', Tolcat Canyon, Heughs Canyon, Hobbs Knob 9,774' and Mount Raymond 10,241'.

Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front.
Emigration Canyon, Emigration Ridge, Parleys Canyon, Grandeur Peak,
Millcreek Canyon, Mount Olympus.

Grandeur Peak and Millcreek Canyon, Church Fork Peak is visible.
On the right is Neffs Ridge.

Bells Canyon (Center) Dry Fork Canyon, North Thunder Mountain
American Fork Twin Peaks (Tallest in SLC) and Red Top Peak
above Snowbird Ski Resort (Background, left)

Another view of Bells Canyon and Dry Fork Canyons
North and South Thunder Mountain.

Broads Fork or Salt Lake Twin Peaks. Deaf Smith Canyon.
Storm Mountain is visible on the lower left. The Hounds Tooth is just below it.
Stairs Gulch Peak is the dark point to the left of Twin, Sunrise is to the right of Twin
You can see Monte Cristo on the right.

Mount Raymond (Olympus Ridge) with the Hounds Tooth below it.
Deaf Smith Canyon, Stairs Gulch Peak, and Twin Peaks.

A better view of Twin Peaks, Unnamed and Sunrise Peak.

From above the Point of the Mountain looking north over I-15 into Salt Lake City.
Peaks from left to right: Grandview, Emigration, Grandeur,
Olympus, Hobbs Knob, Raymond, Twin, Sunrise, and Dromedary.

From over Provo Bay looking northeast toward Cascade Peak and Provo Peak.
Rock Canyon and Slate Canyon are visible.

Cascade Peak.

Provo Peak, with Slate Canyon below.

From above Provo Bay looking northeast toward Cascade Peak and Provo Peak.

Looking over Springville toward Provo Peak and Slate Canyon.

Spanish Fork Peak and Highway 6 (Spanish Fork Canyon).
Looking straight up Crowd Canyon which goes to the summit, 10,192'.

Looking over Loafer Ridge to Loafer Mountain 10,687' and Santaquin Peak 10,685'.

Loafer Mountain and Santaquin Peak.

Mount Nebo 11,928', the highest point in the Wasatch Mountain Range.

From above Utah Lake looking south over West Mountain 6,904' toward mighty Mount Nebo.

Mount Nebo
West Mountain and Utah Lake.
You are looking at: Dry Mountain, Bald Mountain 10,913', North Peak 11,174',
Nebo Fourth Peak (sub-peak), Nebo North 11,928' Nebo Middle 11,824', and Nebo South 11,928'
which was believed to be the highest for decades.

A closer view of Mount Nebo's 4 peaks, the 2nd is clearly the highest.

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Thanks to Raphael, George and Junior


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