Wasatch Plane Ride - Lone Peak

Views from a six passenger single propeller plane.

Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City, Provo, Utah

It was a perfect day for a plane ride, the leaves were bright reds and yellows, and the sun made them even brighter as it set.
My brazilian friend, Raphael Gomez flew the plane with a little guidance by the plane's owner, George.
I took about 280 pictures. There were so many good informative pictures that I had to break this session up into different groups.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Lone Peak

Big Willow Cirque is visible below the peak and to the left.
The Granite "Willow" formation separates Big Willow Canyon
from Little Willow Canyon in the lower right.

Lone Peak
Behind is South Thunder Mountain.
The Canyons: Rocky Mouth, Big Willow, Little Willow.
Lone Peak Canyons

The Lone Peak Cirque.
Big Willow Cirque is below and to the left.

Big and Little Willow Canyons, and Bear Canyon
Draper City sits below.

Lone Peak Cirque
Half of the Jacobs Ladder Route is visible from here.

Twin Peaks and Sunrise Peak on the left and Lone Peak on the right.
Most of the Draper Ridge Route and the Jacobs Ladder Route are visible.

The last part of the trail to Lone Peak, showing the little meadow in the center.

Alpine City.
Mount Olympus is visible on the far left,
Lone Peak, Pfeifferhorn, White Baldy, and Box Elder Peak.

Lone Peak, Bells Peak, Chipman Peak, South Thunder Mountain, and the Pheifferhorn.
The Alpine Hammongog Trail is visible.

This picture is from another page about American Fork Canyon it has a similar view
but from along the road to American Fork. Compare it to the picture above.
It was taken almost exactly 3 years earlier.
Silver Lake Reservoir

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Thanks to Raphael, George and Junior


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