Wildcat Ridge

Wasatch Mountains - Salt Lake City, Utah
Neffs Canyon

Good light conditions are rare enough when you aren't sitting on a peak, but when you find yourself on top of a peak or ridge when this kind of lighting occurs, you might want to hurry to Vegas, because you might be a lucky person.

I guess there's some science to it: 1) Thick high clouds above,
2) No clouds (or very few clouds) near the western horizon (for sunsets).

With these conditions, the clouds will reflect a warm reddish-orange hue over the mountains below during sunset. The results are always awe inspiring. Since I have been taking pictures, I've only been on a peak when this happens about 3-4 times.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Coming straight up Wildcat Ridge, my legs felt like Hundred pound noodles.
Once I peered over the canyon, It felt like a wind of energy swept into my soul.
It probably feels a lot like a crack hit, except when you come down, you're a better person.

From Wildcat Ridge looking south toward Cottonwood Ridge.
Peaks:Superior, Monte Cristo, Dromedary, Sunrise Peak, and Twin Peaks.
Canyons: Mineral Fork, Mill B South (Lake Blanche), Broads Fork, Stairs Gulch.

Looking East over Gobblers Knob and Mount Raymond (at the right time).

A slow motion explosion recorded in time.
The entire Cottonwood Ridge.
Clayton Peak in Brighton is visible on the extreme left, Kessler Peak is also visible.
Bells Canyon Peak and Lone Peak are visible on the right in the background.
Storm Mountain is the ridge below Lone Peak in this Picture.

Ancient neighbors calmly watching the sunset.
Broads Fork Twin Peaks, Thunder Mountain, Bells Peak and Lone Peak.

Thunder Mountain North and South Peaks.

The Twin Peaks Massif.
Dromedary, Sunrise Peak (O'Sullivan), Unnamed (Mitt) and Twin Peaks.
The Stairs Gulch Peak is visible along the ridge that leads from the East Peak of Twin.
This peak looks like a sharp point from Sandy/Midvale.

Looking northwest over the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island.

Looking south to Cottonwood Ridge

The light in this picture is almost 100% reflected light from the clouds above.

Monte Cristo and Two Unnameds,
American Fork Twin Peaks is poking up on the right in the background.
In the center of the picture, at the end of the ridge coming toward the camera is Sundial Peak.
Below in the trees is Lake Blanche, Lillian and Florence.
There is also another lake to the left and south of Sundial.

Looking east:
Part of Thaynes Peak, Gobblers Knob, Mount Raymond.
The Brighton area is visible in the far background.
Kessler Peak, Superior and Monte Cristo.

Looking east at a telephoto of Mount Raymond

Kessler Peak

Looking north over the northern Wasatch.

Looking southwest over Sandy City, Draper and the Point of the Mountain.
The Hounds Tooth is visible on the lower left.

Light reflecting off of the clouds illuminates the mountains below.
Looking south over the Twin Peaks Massif and distant Lone Peak

For pictures from the hike to get to Wildcat Ridge from Neffs Canyon:
Neffs Canyon to Wildcat Ridge

Thanks to Gloria


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