Willow Heights - Big Cottonwood Canyon

Salt Lake City, Utah

With Pictures of
Aspen Trees
Willow Lake

September 11, 2005

They put up a map at the entrance.
It says that there is no maintenance of the Willow Heights Trail, so tread lightly.

Aspen Trees Galore

Giant Aspen

Looking up through the aspen trees.

Be careful what you do here, the trees have eyes.

I have a friend named Levi. I hope it wasn't him who carved his name here.

The Willow Heights Meadow.


Bumble bee and Daisy

Willow Heights Meadow

Looking south toward the Honeycomb Cliffs

Willow Lake

Do you see the little guy hiding in the Thistle?

Willow Lake, the whole mound on the right (With the trail)
is a dam created by the beaver that made this lake.
His mound is visible at the far end of the lake.

A large Carpenter Ant

The clouds were flying by overhead.

A large bull moose appears with his fresh new antlers.

The moose versus the Beaver Dam.

This guy's ready for action.

Ready, set...



Aspen tree shadows.

Going back down the trail to Big Cottonwood Canyon Road.

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Thanks to Heid


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